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Feeling “Drained” at the End of the Day?

There’s a big difference between feeling a bit tired from a long day of work and feeling completely drained. That kind of constantly tiring strain can take its toll—robbing you of energy; making you tired before you even start the next day.

Over time, exhaustion sets in and the memories of what you once loved about your career fade—replaced with a desire to leave.

Energy Leadership can help you discover how to TRANSFORM your life—instead of draining, your work can energize you.

What’s eating you?

There are two main types of energy we can use when responding to the demands and events in our lives:

Anabolic: Energy that “builds you up”; promoting growth and joy in your life. It’s often called “positive energy”.  If you’ve experienced anabolic energy, you probably felt like you tapped into a limitless energy source.

Catabolic: Energy that destroys and “breaks you down”. It’s the kind of energy that makes you feel “drained” at the end of the day. Getting (or staying) motivated becomes increasingly difficult when you’re experiencing catabolic energy over a long period of time. Catabolic energy slowly chips away at your “energy reserves”, making you tired and irritable, so that you feel a growing deficit of the energy available to you.

The phrase “What’s eating you?” is actually quite perceptive; if something is “eating you”, it refers to the catabolic energy that consumes your joy, steals your focus, and devours the strength you need to meet life’s challenges.

Energy Leadership Coaching can guide you to tap into the virtually limitless source of anabolic energy. With our guidance, you can learn how to make anabolic energy a way of life. Call INSPIRE for guidance on rediscovering joy in your life and your work. The life you want is waiting for you…

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