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Discover the blind-spots that are holding you back.

Our coaching and hiring solutions can help you use the human side of profitability. 

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Executive Coaching

  • Improve Employee Engagement
  • Communicate with more power
  • High-Performance and Results-Oriented team building      
  • Navigate “office politics” more effectively
  • Overcome negativity that holds you back
  • Career Transitions

Effective Hiring for positive results:

  • Employee Selection
  • Training
  • Retention
  • Evaluation for a good “fit”
  • Career Advancement/Succession Coaching
Dr R Benton Ruth Indianapolis Executive Coach Consultant Workplace Trainer
Dr. Benton Ruth, CEO
(Business/Executive Coach)

Hiring a bad employee is very costly due to many factors. Their poor productivity can affect their co-worker’s productivity; diminishing morale. Replacing employees can cost a great deal more than their salary; for high-level executives, the cost can be several times their salary.

Recruitment, Screening, and Training are just some of the costs—consider damaged client relationships and missed deadlines that erodes profitability.

EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

  • Counseling: Cost-effective services for Individuals, Couples, and Families
  • Outplacement & Career Counseling
  • Career Prep Academy—for High School and College students to develop the skills employers want—to become top candidates for future career searches

Customized workshops are available. Call for details.

Contact INSPIRE  at 317-842-8881.